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It seems every now and then a new technology comes along and gets everyone in real estate excited.  Right now that technology is QR Codes.

The problem I have is that while everyone and their brother is telling you that you need to be using QR codes, very few resources are specifically showing you the best ways to use QR codes for real estate.

It is actually why we exist, innovation is rewarded, execution is worshiped.

Just like with Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Mobile, Video and any other buzz worthy platform or new technology some will adapt it quickly and pick up market share, most will fail and simply use it because the other agents in their office are.  So below you will find what in my opinion are the 5 best ways to use QR codes for real estate right now.  I would never assume these are the only ways and would love you to add your own creative ideas in the comments below.

Quick note before we get started with the list.  A QR Code is simply a bridge to a website that when scanned with a mobile device takes a consumer on a journey beyond the paper it is printed on.  One of the major perks is that all of the scans are tracked and thus the ROI is fairly easy to detect, critical to any high level marketer.  I also think there are 2 key things to consider when using QR codes:


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Posted on July 11, 2012 at 9:13 pm
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